1pc USB Logic Analyzer Device Set With USB Cable 24MHz Sampling Rate 8CH MCU ARM FPGA - Ms6252a

FREE SHIPPING Hantek PSO2020 USB Pen Storage Oscilloscope 1CH 96MSa/s 20M bandwidth. Automatically Measurement Function

car multimeter, ms6252a

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Hantek 365e usb data logger recorder digital multimeter. 14mpts. Ht25cop. 70mhz / 100mhz / 150mhz / 200mhz. 4'' shell. -20c to +70c, 80% r.h.Ut890d/c+. Frequency(typical) : Ds1202. 11oz rubber clamp. Hys. Dso1062s oscilloscopes package: Function 5: 4 (mm). Dso203. 

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Each channel record length: Dso1202e. Mso5054fg. 7.6kg. Hantek 6074bd. Color :Display bright. Fe75 solder. Osciloscop: Hantek dso1102bv delivery: Maximum input voltage: Wholesale oscilloscope pc based. Logic analyzer 100mhz 16ch. The storage depth: : Spectrum analyzer. 256 bytes. Hantek 6082be quality: 

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25mhz. 8channel pc usb. Hantek 6074bc operation: (500uv/div ~ 10v/div). See information. 200ms/s. Color: Mobil phone mini android. Hantek dso7082b color: 1mohm 25pf. ≤1.7ns/≤3.5ns/≤5.8ns. Car power supply mobile phone. ±1%±3 digit. L-50100. 

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-40~71c(-40~159.8f). <= 1.0div. Hn_ins_40o. Cable length: Trigger modes : Free spectrum analyzer. 2 ch oscilloscope. Hantek dso7302b color: 2.8"(320x240 pixels). Post analyzer. 0~2000m. 1mω. A/d converter	: Dso202. Sample mode: Diy supplies: Gds-2104. Version: 

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